Description and History

Gino Ramacieri is passionate in his love for the wilderness and peaceful beauty of the Laurentian Mountains.

He now strives to preserve this natural heritage in this region with his project of Lake St-Victor Estates. His professional experience and business relations in the region helps him to realize this quality project.

Since 1990 as one of the first resident of lake St-Victor, M. Ramacieri wanted to get involved to preserve this jewel left untouched through the years. It is in the year 2000 that he acquired it from M. Louis Diez d`Aux a pioneer in the region and a visionary. For this reason he was able immediately to establish the subdivisions with large lots in order to maintain a private and natural setting.

Once the first phase of Lake St-Victor Estates was started he realized how important it was to make sure that the surrounding land to Lake St-Victor be also part of such good quality planning. Strategically all the land around Lake St-Victor was bought and so the whole project is now surrounded by land owned by Nature Conservancy of Canada (N.C.C.) and Crown Land. This priviliged situation gives the Estates a unique quality by being in the middle of over 8000 acres of undeveloped land. It is like living in the middle of a wild nature reserve.

Lake St-Victor’s project now consists of close to 2000 acres of land that has been uniquely divided into large private estates.This is how the futur phases of Lake St-Victor Estates were created.

Following the ice storm of 1998 Lake St-Victor Estates undertook to clean the forest of dead and broken trees. More than 80,000 indigenous trees were planted on the territory especially white pine.

Every effort is put in place to preserve streams and head lakes in order to maintain their quality. Every year water testing is performed and analysed to monitor the situation.

Concern for construction of homes and their implantation is important for the quality of the project , so a committee insures that the norms are followed nevertheless without preventing original architectural concepts. Other rules were also established to reflect the whole philosophy to maintain tranquillity. Motorized sports are not allowed on the territory such as (atv’s, skidoos etc..). Certain motorized activities such as electric motors for boats are permitted. To the contrary all is put in place to encourage non-motorized activities such as (hiking, cross country skiing, canoeing, sailing etc.). Over the years a four season trail network of more than 25kms was built by M. Ramacieri and is maintained by the owners association.
An owner’s association was formed and rules established to maintain harmony and this quality of life.

It was decided to keep the roads on the Estate private, this insures tranquillity and privacy adding also the aspect of security.

Bell high-speed internet was exceptionnally installed on the project and gives many residents the opportunity to work full time or part time extending their stay.

The Municipal and Provincial road networks are being constantly improved and will be completed shortly to insure easy driving access.

The proximity of Lake St-Victor Estates to major cities, being one hour from Montreal , two hours from Ottawa offers its residents an exceptionnal natural and peaceful environment with easy access.

A limited number of lots are available within a carefully controlled development that will preserve Lake St-Victor, its neighbouring lakes and mountains for generations to come.

Interest in Lake St-Victor Estates is international as its residents originating from Canada, United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

You can live the dream.